Make Your Own Beautiful Painted Flower Pots

Published on February 8, 2020

Adding some plants to your home is a lovely way to add some vibrant color to the landscape of your life indoors. Taking care of plants has been proven to reduce stress, and it’s absolutely wonderful to watch something you have cultivated, nurtured, and grown on your own. Even if your plant come in a nice pot, eventually once it grows, you’re going to need to repot it.

While you can buy a lot of pretty planters, they can get quite expensive. So why not make your own? This way you can customize it exactly the way you want to match it to the rest of the room’s decor, and it’s a fun project on its own.

Try Out A Monochromatic Design

Try Out A Monochromatic Design

What You Need

-terracotta pot


-paint brushes of varying sizes

-painter’s tape


The nice part about terracotta pots is that they are super affordable. Even if you mess one up, it’s really okay, you can always start over. They also last for years and are readily available.

Start off by planning out your design and sketching it on paper. It’s always a good idea to have a plan before starting, that way you have your end goal in mind and you know exactly how to get there. You can even practice painting some of the designs you want on paper before adding them onto your pot directly.

Consider Keeping A Color Theme Throughout

Consider Keeping A Color Theme Throughout

Tape Pots

If you are painting geometric designs, this step will be very helpful. You can also use tape to help coloring a crisp line or certain parts of the pot versus others. Make sure that it is fully adhered onto the pot before starting.

Get Painting!

This is your time to get creative. Use a variety of brushes to change up the textures and styles you paint onto your planter pot. Work carefully to avoid smudging paint. Make sure you always start with your neutral colors, especially if you’re going to overlap paint colors.

Once you are finished, allow your pot to fully dry. Last but not least, it’s time to plant your plant in your brand new pot!

You Can Paint However You Desire

You Can Paint However You Desire